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Message us via the Studybugs App.

School Emergency Phone Numbers:

Only to be used for emergencies/safeguarding worries etc…

Miss Allison: 07548213272

Miss Jex: 07395938637

Mr Rowley: 07394908180

This page will be used to provide updates for all our families during this coronavirus period.  Letters sent to parents will also be attached.

Letters sent so far: BEP Key Worker Letter, March 2020School Closure Letter, 19th March 2020Coronavirus Update 17th March 2020Coronavirus Update 11th March 2020Letter To Parents About Coronavirus

Please download the Studybugs free app.  We will be using this to communicate with parents/families.

The school is working on solutions to provide education to our children in the event of  forced school closure.  As a starting point each year groups class page has been updated with relevant website links with some additional activities that can be printed and used if wished. Please do visit as these links and activities are useful at anytime of the year.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Broomfield Primary School