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Archived Gallery 2013 - 2014

Inspiring, Educating and Developing

Welcome to the gallery!  Please feel free to browse the children's work.


This is a small selection of our activities and more will be added shortly...


Year 3 Beaumanor Hall - WW2 Residential Visit

Art Work
Some examples of our art work across the school from dinosaur homes to Talking Textiles.

Spelling and Grammar Practise - Orienteering Style!


To help practise our spelling, punctuation and grammar terms, Year 6 completed an orienteering course finding grammar terms and matching them to their definitions.

To develop our sense of the world around us and the different cultures and religions that the world has to offer, we held an Art/RE week.  All classes took part and Charnwood Arts worked with us for the whole week.  Year 6 won a trophy for their amazing Indian dancing.  We covered aspects of different religions through art and dance.

Art and RE Week - A cultural celebration

Children have been working with Vanessa the artist to create these wonderful skylights which have now been installed in the KS2 open area

Year 3 Egyptian Day

Year 1 Biscuit Making

Year 6 Experimenting with dissolving!

Year 4 and 5 Biscuit making - DT

Year 3 investigating pyramids

Gardening Club